Introduction for KBS World Global Ads

What is KBS World Global Ads?
  • - KBS is Korea representative public broadcaster. As an international television channel, we give opportunity for advertisers to place their advertisements in front of the global audience.
  • - KBS World channel is being aired in 58 million households in 117 countries. It is also available to watch at 1,719 hotels in 46 countries.
  • - We are targeting both Korean communities and local people who are fan of the Korean wave by supplying local language subtitles such as English, Japanese, Chinese, Thai or Indonesian.
What are the Merits of global advertisement?

KBS World is your premier window on Korean content with a 24-hours a day, 7-day a week stream of Korea's latest and most popular dramas, entertainments and documentaries. By providing advertisements in those programs through USA, Japan, Europe, China, India, and Latin America, it helps to spread brand value, Korean culture and products effectively.

Format of Advertisement
  • -Spot Buy
  • -Sponsorship Billboard
  • -Next Banner
  • -Website Banner
KBS World TV Advertising Rates(Spot Buy)
Broadcasting Time Ads Ads Spot Rate Reference
(24 hours)
TV Spot 15 seconds USD 250 Ads Spot to be inserted
between the programs
20 seconds USD 300
30 seconds USD 375
60 seconds USD 600
Global Ads Project Manager
  • - Tel: +82-2-781-3691
  • - E-mail: hansol0331@kbs.co.kr