• Genre : Drama Series
  • Premiere on KBSWorld : 2020.03.26
  • Number of Episodes : 16
  • Runtime : 70'
  • Showtime : Thu-Fri 22:15 | Re-run : Fri-Sat 05:05, 12:45, Sun 22:15 (Seoul, UTC+9)


A fantasy romantic comedy filled with subtle excitement, featuring Hong-jo, the cat who transforms into a man, and Sol-ah, the puppy-like woman! They became fall in love with together..... However, human and cat's life time are different. People who are raising pets may understand her feeling so much. It could be more real stories than time slip or time leap.
Welcome all of you.


Hongjo (Kim Myung-soo)

Hongjo is a cat who is a cat that sometimes transforms into a human.

Why? And how? he didn't know for himself that he was turning into a person.
He just have a vague memory of turning into a person only once a long time ago.
He thought it might be just a dream he had while taking a nap. Until he met Solah...

Kim Solah (Shin Ye-eun)

Solah is a dog. Sadly, a dog who fell in love with a cat.

She can hear footsteps and wiggle and wiggle.
A dog-like woman who likes people too much, follows them around, and tries to protect them
To a dog Solah, cats are not enemies...It's destiny.

Lee Jaesun (Seo Ji-hoon)

Sleek, beautiful, but very chic Siamese cat.

No words, Very few expressions and smooth but cold as well-cut leather.
But in front of a cat, he disarms himself.
He touches leather and trims wood all day long in a workshop and cafe that remodels old warehouses.

Eun Jieun (Yoon Ye-joo)

She has been working with Sola and Doo-shik in nalsaem Design company.

She is very an unnoticed person due to it is hard to get caught in people's way and it is hard to keep an eye on people.
There is a rumor that she has supported from president.