These boys are in BIG BIG trouble! [Descendants of the Sun]

# Drama 2016.03.31 View : 12045

Today, Kang Moyeon and Yoon Myeongju find out that their boyfriends Yoo Sijin and Suh Daeyeong went on a blind date together in the past. 

Here is how the story goes. Moyeon receives a strange package for Daeyeong. To tell him to pick it up, she gives out radio messages. 

As Sijin and Daeyeong already know where the box came from, they rush over right away so that they do not look inside. Unfortunately, their girlfriends see what is in the box. They get very upset and ask them for an excuse. How will they overcome this situation?

Don't miss today's episode! You can see how cute Sijin and Daeyeong can be when they get lost with their girlfriends.

[Descendants of the Sun]

Showtime : Wed-Thu 21:50 | Re-run: Thu-Fri 03:00, 14:00 (Seoul, UTC+9)


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