How to survive in Seoul as a foreigner [My Neighbor, Charles]

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Giulia has come from Italy for one thing - the love for her husband. As a new bride living with her in-laws, she has so much to learn. Howeer, her mother-in-law is so strict and stubborn, so they constantly clash heads.

Arnaud is the crepe seller from France that looks like Beckham. He's struggling to make ends meet in a market that's filled with elderly people, selling a modern snack.

Adelia has just made it in a Korean company. Her first day of work starts. Having to adjust to work life, but also life in a foreign country. Will she make it?

[My Neighbor, Charles]

Showtime: Tue 19:10ㅣRe-run: Sat 04:20 (Seoul, UTC+9)


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